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Sourcing a large supply of good meat or fish is awesome. But what happens when you land a whole side of beef or 100 lbs. of halibut? You need to split it. MeatSplit.com handles that for you.
  • Source a large cut of meat (from a butcher, or a farm).
  • You tell us what type of meat you're splitting.
  • Tell us the hanging weight, the weights of the cuts and the prices you want per cut.
  • Invite your friends!
  • They each call dibs on cuts and amounts of your meat.
  • You get a nice distribution list of who gets what.
  • You distribute the meat to your friends!
  • Oh yeah, and it's FREE to join!

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This site is in its beta stage-- we're going to keep building to make this an awesome website for you. I'm happy you've dropped by and I would love your input on how I could make this into a site that you both love and use! Please feel free to contact me!

- Mike